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Lup Morthy - Luca Recchia
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Lup Morthy

LupMorthy is Luca Recchia, contemporary composer and multi-instrumentalist, living in Milan.

He works in the fields of sound art and experimental music with a focus on ambient, field recording, drone and electroacoustic music.

He graduated in composition at the Claudio Abbado Conservatory in Milan and graduated in music therapy at the Lecco Center for Art Therapy.

In the 90s he lived in New York where he obtained an Advanced Certificate program in electric bass at the Bass Collective.

Back in Italy he recorded more than twenty albums with different artists, he has composed music for soundtracks and animated films.

In parallel from 2005 onwards he has taught regularly ensemble music in national public schools, carried out compositional projects with children and run a music therapy laboratory for disabled children.